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MLP Next Gen: Royal Siblings by sweetkimothy
MLP Next Gen: Royal Siblings
Felt like drawing all my Celestia babies together! Typhon is a surprisingly huggy beast, and likes to sneak up on his sisters and jumpscare them into a hug. Princess Libra is used to it, but Eunomia isn't so keen at the best of times. Yes, Eunomia is kinda tiny, slightly taller than your average pony but compared to her siblings... small. Thinking of revamping some of my other designs, now I'm finally starting to get the hang of pony heads.
St Mortiel: Kid!Maddy by sweetkimothy
St Mortiel: Kid!Maddy

My baby's back ;_; Maddy isn't much different as a kid as she is now, although you've kinda caught her in the middle of her bullying period, oops. She tries to overcome her insecurities about her strength and appearance by being "tough" and intimidating and picking on Pokemon smaller than herself, and she isn't afraid to fight. Her favourite target is a certain Shinx. She's about 7 or 8 here, and about level 15.
Camp Clement Application by sweetkimothy
Camp Clement Application

Thank you to Buns for allowing me to base this app on the original app for Armonia! Texture credits are here and here. This is a downloadable PSD, if anyone needs a basic PNG, it can be downloaded here.

By the way, on the picture app, feel free to add any additional notes that a councillor may have to know off hand - such as health notes, any major quirks, etc.


Name: Provide your character's full name.

Age: How old are they? Campers must be aged between 8 and 15.

Gender: Provide your character's gender, any are acceptable. If they are naturally genderless, provide their preferred gender, if any.

Species: What species are they? Check our permitted species list - generally, most, but not all, third stage evolutions are not allowed. Neither are legendaries.

Birthday: Self-explanatory!

Nature/Summary Characteristic: Self-explanatory!

Ability: Hidden abilities are fine.

Level: No higher than 30 for campers!

Sentret Scout Unit: Should have an indication of their hometown, e.g. "2nd Viridian Sentret Scouts". Small towns probably only have one unit, while larger cities may have multiple, and its fine to have the same scout unit as someone else. Game and anime locations are both fine, but it must be somewhere that does exist in one of those canons!

Height/Weight: Self-explanatory!

Personality: How does your character act? Try to make them fairly balanced between positive and negative characteristics!

History: Given they're still fairly young, doesn't need to be anything long or extravagant, just at least one solid paragraph detailing a bit of their background.

Moveset: Characters can know all level up moves to their current level, and up to TWO moves learnt in other ways such as TMs/HMs, move tutors or egg moves.

Camp Activities: To start with, each camper can choose up to five activities to take part in. Certain activities don't require sign-ups (swimming and nature walks/hiking), and others are compulsory for everyone (nighttime activities). A full list can be found here.

Extras: Any more important information or fun facts about your character? Add it in here!
St Mortiel: Sister Beatrice by sweetkimothy
St Mortiel: Sister Beatrice

Updaaaaaate~ For 4th-6th Grade Literature.


 Beatrice Smith
    Professional Name: Sister Beatrice
Date of Birth: March 6th, 1964 (Age: 65)
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Mandibuzz
Height: 4'11"/149.86cm

Personality: Strict, observant, impatient, somewhat cranky, sweet deep down.

+Prayer and spending time studying Arceus's ancient scrolls from a literary point of view.
    +Reading books of all kinds
    +Knitting and crochet
    +Sunrise and sunset
Delinquents and troublemakers
    -Students with attitude

    ○The school used to be taught mostly by the Order of St Mortiel. However, times have changed, and now only two sisters remain of the dying Order. Sister Beatrice is one of them.
St Mortiel: Sister Alice by sweetkimothy
St Mortiel: Sister Alice

App update! Head Nurse


Name: Alice Smith
    Professional Name: Sister Alice
Date of Birth: March 6th, 1964 (Age: 65)
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Audino
Height: 4'5"/134.62cm

Personality: Sweet, caring, loving, overprotective, dutiful, somewhat possessive.

+Prayer and spending time studying Arceus's ancient scrolls.
    +Spending time with the students
    +Drawing (though she isn't very good at it)
    +Gardening and flowers
    +Knitting and crochet
    +Wild Pokemon
    -Harsh voices and loud noises
    -Anyone laying a hand on her precious students (◕‿◕✿)

    ○The school used to be taught mostly by the Order of St Mortiel. However, times have changed, and now only two sisters remain of the dying Order. Sister Alice is one of them.
    ○She trained as a nurse before becoming a nun.
    ○She sometimes oversees Arceist Fellowship meetings.
(i'm so sorry my online nickname is from Kim Possible i was ten)

ANYWAY. How y'all doin'? I realised I haven't written a new journal for a bit so I thought I'd let you guys know whats happening with my various projects, since my uploads have MAJORLY died down since November.

So what happened? Well I started my first job placement, and got to work on a kids cartoon! I don't wanna say which because I'd rather keep my professional and fandom work separate, but it was a fantastic experience! Totally wrecked me though. Then Christmas happened which is always busy (but it was fantastic to have a Christmas holiday where I WASN'T panicking about coursework and deadlines), then back to work for two weeks. Unfortunately, in early January... my computer started playing up. It would suddenly cut out power and reboot instantly, which was both annoying and concerning as I'd paid a lot of money for my new PC. After a lot of back and forth with the company I bought it from, and with my warranty people, including running tests and reinstalling Windows and the SAME problem still happening, it had to be sent over to England to have the power supply replaced. Yay. But it's now arrived back, with a better power supply, so hopefully I'll be able to get creative again very soon once I reinstall everything! I find working on my laptop to be a lot more restricting, and while my slate PC is great for drawing on, the battery isn't always so hot.

Now, recently I've been on a bit of a pony kick, so to those of you who aren't watching for the ponies - SINCERE APOLOGIES! Which brings me to the Albion Region. I really, REALLY wanna get a move on with this project again, and I have a few unreleased mons on the hard drive of my PC (including some Basilisks to match my Cockatrice line which I can't decide on a typing for and some... salmon), but being honest, I'm having a bit of an inspiration and motivation block. I wanna try and fill the dex out to 100-150 mon. So I was wondering... any of you guys have any ideas? Any myths and legends of the British Isles I haven't touched yet? Maybe some cool animals I haven't thought of? Or maybe another pop culture reference. Whatever it is, if you think of a cool idea, throw it at me and if I use it, I'll make sure to give you credit!

So thats a wee update from me! Now to clear my desk in preparation for the return of the PC...


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