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PKMN-Armonia App: Kevin Poulet by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia App: Kevin Poulet

I need a new highschooler and my friend Von came to me with an idea...


Name: Kevin Charles Poulet
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Combusken
Birthday: 24th December
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Speed Boost - The Pokémon’s Speed stat is gradually boosted.
Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos

Personality: The motto for Kevin's life might as well be "Don't worry, be happy." Kevin is a very chirpy chicken, with his glass always half full.

History: Kevin's parents were both Combusken - one, a talented ballet dancer in her youth and now an instructor, and the other, a very laid back music enthusiast. They weren't rich, nor were they terribly poor. From a young age, his parents watched him bust a move in the living room to his daddy's old records and laughed in joy. He loved to dance, and could barely keep his feet still. Even when walking along the street, he would be humming and hopping along to the beat. He was just born to be a dancer, his mother said. As a teacher in a dance school which taught a range of different styles, she brought him along to try some classes - yet, to their surprise, he really took to ballroom and not something like hip-hop as they expected.

Kevin loved his dance lessons. His teacher was a stern, yet caring woman, and he was eventually given a dance partner, Emmeline, a very rich Dragonair from an important family. He felt a tad intimidated at first, especially given her stern look, but over time they slowly bonded, first as dance partners, then friends. His friends occasionally teased him about romance, but he brushed it off. Speaking of friends, he was oddly enough one of the most popular kids in school. His constant smiling won people over, and not to mention he was a bit of a class clown too. The odd detention here and there, but nothing that bad.

Summary characteristic:
Good perseverance.

- Dancing.
- Listening to music.
- Collecting records.
- Learning about "retro" technology.

Level: 48
Moveset: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember, Double Kick, Peck, Sand Attack, Bulk Up, Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Slash, Mirror Move, Fire Punch (Egg), Thunder Punch (Move Tutor).

Favorite berry flavor:


School Schedule:
- Math II
- Science
- Writing
- History
- Battle
- Sex Ed
- Gym
- Tech Ed
- Zoology


Badges: N/A

Extras/Fun Facts:
- He is the childhood best friend and dance partner of Emmeline O. Bonheur. He sees her as the closest thing he has to a sister and is rather protective of her, but also tries to encourage her to get out of her shell a little more and meet new people.
- With the resurgence in popularity of vinyl, his dad now happily owns a record shop in Lumiose City selling both new and second hand records.
- He has two very noisy little bothers.
PKMN-Armonia: Secret Santa 2015 by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia: Secret Santa 2015

Heeeey bellberrystar! Lookie who your Secret Santa is! :D

Here's your little Rebecca in a Fable jacket, as requested! Hope you don't mind that I used this as an opportunity to practice my speedpainting, she was great fun to draw! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

Rebecca belongs to :iconbellberrystar:
PKMN-Armonia App: Professor Marshall by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia App: Professor Marshall

Yes he's jumping ship to Armonia I've been planning this ages but due to getting a job and so on I never got around to uploading him oops?


Name: Joseph Marshall
Age: 36
Level: 55
Gender: Male
Species: Wailord
Birthday: February 4th
Nature: Jolly
Summary Characteristic: Highly Curious.
Ability: Water Veil - This Pokémon cannot be Burned while having this ability.
Hometown: Pacifidog Town.
Height: 8'0"/243.84cm
Weight: 335.1lbs/152kg

History: Joe has always been a bit... different. Even as a Wailmer, he was huge compared to his classmates, and was frequently made fun of for his height - however, he was often too oblivious at times to notice when people made fun of him, and was too cheerful to care. After all, he could easily just squish his smaller classmates if he wanted, but he didn't. He was from a very happy fishing family who were all rather large, so it was perfectly normal to him. From when he was young, he loved to explore ponds and learn about how the world worked, and loved Geography and History classes in school which laid it all out for him to dig his curious young mind into. He'd get massive books and bring them into school, and couldn't stop telling his friends about the cool stuff he'd learnt reading the night before. He studied hard, managed to get a scholarship to study social science at his chosen university, and graduated with top grades. He then decided that he wished to share his knowledge to the next generation, and so studied to become a teacher. He taught at a very rich, private school for some time, but then decided it was maybe time for a change of pace...

- Science fiction series such as PokeTrek, Star Wars and Inspector Timespace.
- Swimming.
- Writing stories.
- Debating, including fandoms and science fiction series.
- Learning interesting facts.

Moveset: Splash, Growl, Water Gun, Rollout, Whirlpool, Astonish, Water Pulse, Mist, Rest, Brine, Water Spout, Amnesia, Dive, Bounce.

Favourite Berry Flavour:

Class: Geography
Schedule: Monday 8am, Friday 8am.
Favourite Island Spot/Where to find: His office/the port.
Classroom rules:
- Be prompt and on time!
- Pleasure turn in your homework when required. I never forget when I set homework!
- Feel free to ask questions or comment at any time, but please raise your hand.
- Learn lots!!
- Have fun! :)

- He tends to talk in a rather soft and polite voice most of the time, but thEN WILL SUDDENLY START SHOUTING LIKE THIS AT THE TOP OF HIS LUUUUUNGS!
- The world is kinda cruel to such a large Pokemon. He frequently has to bend to get through doors, and has specially reinforced chairs to hold him.
- He recently transferred from Armonia's rival school St Mortiel.
PKMN-Armonia: Shale by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia: Shale

Because I wanted to try speedpainting in Photoshop, and good grief shale why are you fun to draw?

Shale belongs to Zephyrlin
PKMN-Armonia: Planting Flowers by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia: Planting Flowers

Holy crap Kim actually finished something for once. Tried out a new style of shading, I kinda really dig it.

Tyson and Val get on pretty darned well together, to most students surprise. Then again, it isn't the oddest friendship in this school by any means.

Val belongs to TinyBuni
So, for those following me for the ponies, it's been a wee while since I started my nextgen, and... well. Times change, skills improve, ship preferences change. Also I realised a lot of my nextgens were REALLY bland character wise. Waaay too many introverts and pushovers. So, I've decided to do a possible revamp.

- Celestia's kiddies are safe, I like 'em too much. As are Cocoa Butter and Storm Cloud.
- However, Storm Cloud's daddy will be changing to Billy rather than Soarin, and she may get yet another revamp. She originally has younger twin brothers, but that seems to be a rather popular idea, so I'm switching things up. Storm Cloud will be getting an older sister and a younger brother (but not that much younger).
- Cocoa Butter's family will be the same, and hopefully I'll start showing off some of his siblings!
- I'm not sure what to do with Marble Gleam. Rename her? Give her yet another revamp? Her older brother is definitely going to be revamped though. His colours are awful what was I thinking colouring it on my slate... Might make him a bit more adventurous.
- Applejack will now be paired with Troubleshoes (was very nearly Sheriff Tumbleweed, and I guess it could be either with the colour schemes I'm picking), and their older child shall now be a daughter. I still like Ginger Gold too much to scrap him entirely, so he'll be demoted to foal. The new big sis is currently being coloured and hopefully I'll have her up soon!
- Princess Clover will be scrapped (or at the very least be AU'd), as shall the Trixie/Blueblood ship. I found a much more interesting ship for Trixie... and their kid will hopefully be a recurring character!
- I have no idea what to do with Horse Power. I'm tempted to, once again, start over with the Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps brood. I'm kinda tempted for them to have a batpony daughter.
- Spike and Mina (from the comics) will probably be a ship o/
- I still have no idea who to ship Rarity and Luna with. Like Rarity... I guess I have Fancy Pants/Thunderlane/Hoity Toity...??? Any other possible ideas for (semi-logical) ships for her? Same for Luna... I was tempted to switch up the royal ships but no, I like Typhon, Eunomia and Libra too much. Unless someone can come up with an alternative idea? Or should I have her single and adopt a foal, or none at all?
- Lots of side character ships, hopefully.

So, what are your guys opinions? And do you have any possible ideas?


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