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PKMN-Armonia: Shale by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia: Shale

Because I wanted to try speedpainting in Photoshop, and good grief shale why are you fun to draw?

Shale belongs to Zephyrlin
PKMN-Armonia: Planting Flowers by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia: Planting Flowers

Holy crap Kim actually finished something for once. Tried out a new style of shading, I kinda really dig it.

Tyson and Val get on pretty darned well together, to most students surprise. Then again, it isn't the oddest friendship in this school by any means.

Val belongs to TinyBuni
PKMN-Armonia App: Maddy by sweetkimothy
PKMN-Armonia App: Maddy



Bullet; PurpleName: Madison "Maddy" Rock

Bullet; PurpleAge: 
16/4th June

Bullet; PurpleGender: 

Bullet; PurplePokémon: Electabuzz

Bullet; PurpleBirthday: 4th June

Bullet; PurpleHeight: 5'7"/170.18cm

Bullet; PurpleWeight: 140lbs/63.5kg

Bullet; PurpleNature: Hasty

Bullet; PurpleAbility: Static - Contact with the Pokémon may cause paralysis.

Bullet; PurpleHometown: Vermillion City

Bullet; PurplePersonality: Maddy is basically the school bully. She's mean, brash and won't hesitate to smack someone who annoys her. However, deep down, she's actually pretty lonely. She's very sporty and active, and loves playing games and getting messy. However, she really underestimates her own strength, so even when showing affection to people she likes she sometimes hurts them. She tends to get very impatient and doesn't like waiting around, and hates sitting around doing nothing - if anything, it only makes her even more irritable. She also has some temper issues, and tends to snap at people who irritate her, and tends to lash out without thinking, sometimes making her attacks very prone to missing when feeling upset or angry. Recently, however, she's been rather reserved, tired and quiet due to exhaustion with trying to keep up with her schoolwork to her grandmother's standards. She just hasn't been herself lately.

Bullet; PurpleHistory: Maddy's parents were born rebels. Her daddy was a a tough bad guy Magmar (now a Magmortar) in a heavy metal band with bizarre and frankly terrifying (and 80s) costumes; her mother was a tough bad girl Electabuzz (still an Electabuzz) who was a biker with attitude and almost as bad hair. They met at his dad's concert, and sparks flew instantly - literally, her mother shocked her father for something they'd tell her about when she was older. Over time, they fell out of hatred and into love, and as they grew older, they decided it was time to calm down just a little. Daddy quit the band, and mommy gave up biking, although her dad's favourite guitar takes pride of place over the fireplace, and mom's old bike still lurks in the shed.

The eventual result of their marriage was little Maddy. She was a very sweet and bubbly baby, and her dad simply adored her and spoilt her to bits. Her mom tried to stop him, but gave up in the end, and just smiled. Maddy grew to adore both her parents, but especially her dad. He would often play with her and make her silly little toys, and he was the gruesome monster who the brave knight sir Lady Madeline had to defeat to save the day. Her family lived fairly modestly and comfortably, not being overly rich. Her father eventually became a music tutor, and her mother was a PA for the head of a department in a local university. Her family happily greeted the arrival of the little Elekid... all except one. Her dad's parents were extremely rich and very proper (and religious) businesspeople (who he had rebelled against as a teen). While her grandfather was ecstatic at the arrival of the little Elekid, her grandmother? Not so much. Her family of Magmars had a long standing rivalry with a family of Electabuzz, and she was furious when she had found out her son had fallen in love with one of THAT kind. Even worse was the marriage, which she attended only for the sake of appearances, and the fact her grandchild was an Elekid made her sick to the stomach.

When she grew older, he taught her how to play sports, mainly soccer and football, and she became very rough and tumble. However, the fact that she was quite a bit bigger than the other kids at school, and she always played rough games, unaware of her own strength, she made all the other children afraid of her. She'd run up to play a game, and everyone would scatter. It hurt. All she wanted to do was play, was that so bad? Then the rumours started. She beat up Max after school! She hung Daisy on a coat peg! Did you hear she'd given that Lucas kid a swirly - in the girl's toilet? Poor Maddy had no idea where all this was coming from, but it only caused kids to run from her more, simply handing their lunch money or chocolate bars to her. She felt so upset... and then angry. REALLY angry. This wasn't fair, all she wanted was friends! She started to try to track down whoever was passing on these rumours, and got rough, which... didn't help. If anything, it seemed to solidify them. Maddy grew bitter and defeated. Everyone saw her as a bully? Fine then, that's what she'd be. And she got a strange satisfaction from it, picking on Pokemon smaller and weaker than herself who spread these stupid stories. Getting into scraps got her into the principal's office, sure, but at least she was showing them who was boss.

When Maddy was about ten, her paternal grandfather fell ill and soon passed away. Maddy was crushed, having loved her grandfather an awful lot. However, it left her rich grandmother alone, in a city quite a way away. The following Christmas, she came to stay with them, and for Maddy, it was a pain. Her grandmother had resigned to the fact she couldn't change the species of her daughter-in-law and granddaughter, but at least she would try to make this young ruffian a lady. She was bringing shame to the family name Rock by being sent to the principal's office so much! Sit up straight! Don't cross your legs! Or your ankles! Pronounce your words properly! It was one of the worst Christmases of Maddy's life.

And then, a year later, her grandmother decided she needed to be closer to her family, and moved to Vermillion City.

The woman made Maddy's life hellish with her constant watching and observing and correction. She seemed to have learnt nothing from her son - if anything, Maddy just acted out more and got into more and more trouble in school. Her grandmother still couldn't see why she did this, and after a major punch-up at school, it was the last straw. She would be sent to St Mortiel Academy, where she had attended as a young girl, and would grow to become a PROPER young lady. Maddy had a rough time at the school - while she managed to make some friends (and reunite with some enemies, such as that poor Lucas kid she used to give swirlies to), she struggled with her schoolwork and never had the time to hang with said friends. Slowly, her fiesty personality began to ebb away, and she became an exhausted shell. And then of course, two of her friends (well... a friend and that dweeb) moved to the rival school, which seemed SO much cooler. Maddy just became more and more gloomy, and her father noticed. Slowly, he became angrier and angrier, before one day, he finally stood up to his mother, bellowing that she was killing their daughter, and that he was going to start proceedings to withdraw her immediately and send her to a new school. Maddy packed her bags a week later as a class camping trip began, and headed home, wondering what her new school would be like...

Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic: Likes to fight.

Bullet; PurpleHobbies
- Sports like wrestling, soccer and Unovian football.
- Playing guitar.
- Watching horror movies, and cartoons.
- Playing horror video games.
- Sleeping.
- Eating.

Bullet; PurpleLevel: 36

Bullet; PurpleMoveset: Leer, Quick Attack, Thundershock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Light Screen, Thunderpunch, Discharge, Fire Punch (Egg Move).

Bullet; PurpleFavorite berry flavor: Dry

Bullet; PurpleHouse: Amity

Bullet; PurpleSchool Schedule: 
- Math II
- Science
- Writing
- History
- Battle
- Sex Ed
- Gym
- Tech Ed
- Geography

Bullet; PurpleClub: N/A

Bullet; Purple Badges: N/A

Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts:
- Only called Madison by her Granny and teachers. Calling her such is cruising for a bruising.
- She sometimes holds a toothpick between her teeth, a habit from when she was a child. She used to think it made her look cooler.
- She's a complete and utter daddy's girl.
- She plays guitar.
Pokemon Albion Region: #??? Taytroll by sweetkimothy
Pokemon Albion Region: #??? Taytroll
#??? - Taytroll
Growth Fakemon
Type: Grass/Ground
Abilities: Gluttony/Guts/Harvest (Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Spudling -> Taytroll
Name Origin: From potato + troll.


Really tempted to give this guy a fried fish buddy. Fish and chips eh?
Pokemon Albion Region: #??? Spudling by sweetkimothy
Pokemon Albion Region: #??? Spudling
#??? - Spudling
Potato Fakemon
Type: Grass/Ground
Abilities: Gluttony/Guts/Harvest (Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Spudling -> ???
Name Origin: From "spud", another name for a potato.


We had to sit through history lessons on the potato blight at least twice. Of course I'm having a potato Pokemon. Not happy with the abilities so might revisit those.
So, for those following me for the ponies, it's been a wee while since I started my nextgen, and... well. Times change, skills improve, ship preferences change. Also I realised a lot of my nextgens were REALLY bland character wise. Waaay too many introverts and pushovers. So, I've decided to do a possible revamp.

- Celestia's kiddies are safe, I like 'em too much. As are Cocoa Butter and Storm Cloud.
- However, Storm Cloud's daddy will be changing to Billy rather than Soarin, and she may get yet another revamp. She originally has younger twin brothers, but that seems to be a rather popular idea, so I'm switching things up. Storm Cloud will be getting an older sister and a younger brother (but not that much younger).
- Cocoa Butter's family will be the same, and hopefully I'll start showing off some of his siblings!
- I'm not sure what to do with Marble Gleam. Rename her? Give her yet another revamp? Her older brother is definitely going to be revamped though. His colours are awful what was I thinking colouring it on my slate... Might make him a bit more adventurous.
- Applejack will now be paired with Troubleshoes (was very nearly Sheriff Tumbleweed, and I guess it could be either with the colour schemes I'm picking), and their older child shall now be a daughter. I still like Ginger Gold too much to scrap him entirely, so he'll be demoted to foal. The new big sis is currently being coloured and hopefully I'll have her up soon!
- Princess Clover will be scrapped (or at the very least be AU'd), as shall the Trixie/Blueblood ship. I found a much more interesting ship for Trixie... and their kid will hopefully be a recurring character!
- I have no idea what to do with Horse Power. I'm tempted to, once again, start over with the Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps brood. I'm kinda tempted for them to have a batpony daughter.
- Spike and Mina (from the comics) will probably be a ship o/
- I still have no idea who to ship Rarity and Luna with. Like Rarity... I guess I have Fancy Pants/Thunderlane/Hoity Toity...??? Any other possible ideas for (semi-logical) ships for her? Same for Luna... I was tempted to switch up the royal ships but no, I like Typhon, Eunomia and Libra too much. Unless someone can come up with an alternative idea? Or should I have her single and adopt a foal, or none at all?
- Lots of side character ships, hopefully.

So, what are your guys opinions? And do you have any possible ideas?


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