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PKMN-DWMA: Ask Joseph! by sweetkimothy
PKMN-DWMA: Ask Joseph!

I'm normally really bad at these kinds of things, but I really need more practice with this kind of thing so... go ahead and feel free to ask the pink space-fairy puffball your questions!
Pokemon DWMA App: Jospeh by sweetkimothy
Pokemon DWMA App: Jospeh

GUESS WHO'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. I missed you child.


Name: Joseph Baker
Age: 17
DOB: 17th November
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Very finicky.

Personality: Joseph is a rather timid bookwormish sort, and is usually incredibly shy when you first meet him. He's very wary of things he's not encountered before, preferring to think through the consequences and all the horrid things that could be ahead, and is very jumpy and easily frightened. He's very fussy and tidy, and gets very easily frustrated at people who are untidy. He can also be rather paranoid of other people, and is a slight hypochondriac when it comes to his health, always scaring himself into thinking he has the latest bug going around. However, beneath all this is a very sweet young gentleman who, when the moment comes, a small spark of bravery begins to shine through and he would quite honestly abandon everything for his friends. Even if it means scrubbing himself in the bath for hours afterward.

History: Joseph was born to an Audino father and a Clefairy mother on a cold, snowy day in Glasgow on a family holiday. It was a good thing his father was a well trained, well respected doctor, as his mother gave birth rather early. Born premature, Joseph kept catching various illnesses in his first few weeks after they came home to Edinburgh, causing his parents nightmares. Finally, however, his natural ability began to kick in and they stayed away. It didn't stop his paranoid mother from constantly nursing and babying him to make sure he had the optimal diet to make sure he never got sick again.

Because of this, he ended up home tutored. There was nothing the small Cleffa loved more than his lessons, and he always listened so attentively to his mother. He also loved spending the weekends with his father in his study, which contains hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books. When the children's books he was given no longer completely satisfied him, and his mind began to grow, he'd start to read his father's medical journals. While he developed a deep interest in Pokemon biology, he also read... things. Scary things, about horrific diseases and infections and viruses. Over time, he'd touch a barrier, lift his hand away, glance at it, then scoot to the bathroom in a flash to wash his hands. He'd wrap up in about fifty layers in the winter, just in case he got hypothermia and died. On the plus side, he became very skilled at first aid, a helpful skill in the playground to help clean up his friends.

Over time, he evolved to a Clefairy when he was just turned ten, due to being wrapped up like a cottonbud as a child, and he was finally shipped off to school. He was frequently picked on at school for being a "teacher's pet", and he frequently withdraw into himself. He continued to read his father's journals and, in doing so, came across something quite... peculiar. Apparently, there were special types of Pokemon called Weapons, who had no natural ability or attacks like himself; however, to make up for it, they could transform into powerful weapons, able to be used by the master of death. At first, he didn't believe they existed - until the rise of Burke and Hare, a pair of highly dangerous kishin who committed murders across Edinburgh. One night, he and his parents were out to dinner when there was a mighty crash from outside. They went to look through the window, where the two murders, facing a strange, foreign-looking duo. All of a sudden, one of them flashing brightly with light, and when it cleared, he was a mace. Within a few hits, the demons were defeated.

Weapons and meisters were real.

Now knowing of their existence, blissfully unaware that his parents had been concerned that he had been a weapon at birth, and wishing to study weapons further, Joseph did his research, and eventually discovered DWMA, and aspired to go there to observe. His parents, although doubtful, helped him raise enough money to go through time (although not before he recently evolved to become a Clefable) to help him go.

Partner: Ray (Giant Sledgehammer)

Ability: Magic Guard - Prevents all damage except from direct-attack moves.

:iconsteeltypeplz: Meteor Mash - The target is hit with a hard punch fired like a meteor. It may also raise the user's Attack.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Metronome - The user waggles a finger and stimulates its brain into randomly using nearly any move.
:icongrasstypeplz: Magical Leaf - The user scatters curious leaves that chase the target. This attack will not miss.
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball (TM) - The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.

- He's originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, though his family have English roots. This leaves him with a rather posh English accent with a slight Scottish feel to it.
- Most of his moves were learnt when he was a Cleffa or a Clefairy. He tends not to use Metronome since he doesn't like its unpredictability.
- He most probably has some form of mild OCD, although it's nothing quite as bad as Death the Kid's. He tends to wash his hands frequently (and carry around a small bottle of hand sanitiser at ALL times), constantly double checks everything and gets extremely fussy about keeping things neat and tidy and in the latest order system he decides upon. He may also carry a duster about with him.
- He has a range of phobias, the most major ones being mysophobia (fear of germs, contamination or dirt) and nosophobia (fear of contracting a disease).
- Little does he realise that his Magic Guard ability actually helps prevent infections (to a point, but still), but it doesn't stop him from imagining symptoms anyway.
MLP Next Gen: Candyfloss by sweetkimothy
MLP Next Gen: Candyfloss
Second of five Cheesepie kids! [Insert "My Shiny Teeth And Me" playing in the distance]


Name: Candyfloss (prefers just Floss, thank you very much.)
Parents: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Species: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A smiling tooth. Her talent is dentistry.

Candyfloss - sorry, Floss - is the second oldest of the Pie clan, and works, oddly enough, as a dentist (mainly for foals). Like her siblings, she was practically raised in party and sugar paradise - that is, until, The Incident. No-one's quite sure what happened, but ever since, Floss has had a massive aversion to eating sugar and candy, even insisting ponies drop the "Candy" from her name (only her parents get away with it, her siblings just barely). After The Incident, she was forced to get braces, and took a keen interest in teeth. She's kind and cheerful but a tad neurotic and panicky. Surprisingly, she still enjoys baking, even if she won't eat any of what she makes unless its a granola bar or hay-based. Her siblings claim she makes the best chocolate brownies in all of Equestria, but she only makes them for their birthdays.
MLP Next Gen: Hay Presto by sweetkimothy
MLP Next Gen: Hay Presto
Another pairing switch oops. I like this guy way more though!


Name: Hay Presto
Parents: Trixie and Flim
Species: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A pair of cards. His talent is performing magic tricks.

Hay Presto seems a world apart from his scheming and proud parents. He's cheerful, chirpy, enthusiastic and always raring to go. He's a talented magician, but unfortunately he suffers from a bad case of stage fright. Plus the rest of Ponyville are wary of him due to his heritage. Originally a traveller, Hay Presto decides to stay in Ponyville for a while after a series of events, and splits his time between doing magic shows and working in Mina and Spike's comic book store.
So, for those following me for the ponies, it's been a wee while since I started my nextgen, and... well. Times change, skills improve, ship preferences change. Also I realised a lot of my nextgens were REALLY bland character wise. Waaay too many introverts and pushovers. So, I've decided to do a possible revamp.

- Celestia's kiddies are safe, I like 'em too much. As are Cocoa Butter and Storm Cloud.
- However, Storm Cloud's daddy will be changing to Billy rather than Soarin, and she may get yet another revamp. She originally has younger twin brothers, but that seems to be a rather popular idea, so I'm switching things up. Storm Cloud will be getting an older sister and a younger brother (but not that much younger).
- Cocoa Butter's family will be the same, and hopefully I'll start showing off some of his siblings!
- I'm not sure what to do with Marble Gleam. Rename her? Give her yet another revamp? Her older brother is definitely going to be revamped though. His colours are awful what was I thinking colouring it on my slate... Might make him a bit more adventurous.
- Applejack will now be paired with Troubleshoes (was very nearly Sheriff Tumbleweed, and I guess it could be either with the colour schemes I'm picking), and their older child shall now be a daughter. I still like Ginger Gold too much to scrap him entirely, so he'll be demoted to foal. The new big sis is currently being coloured and hopefully I'll have her up soon!
- Princess Clover will be scrapped (or at the very least be AU'd), as shall the Trixie/Blueblood ship. I found a much more interesting ship for Trixie... and their kid will hopefully be a recurring character!
- I have no idea what to do with Horse Power. I'm tempted to, once again, start over with the Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps brood. I'm kinda tempted for them to have a batpony daughter.
- Spike and Mina (from the comics) will probably be a ship o/
- I still have no idea who to ship Rarity and Luna with. Like Rarity... I guess I have Fancy Pants/Thunderlane/Hoity Toity...??? Any other possible ideas for (semi-logical) ships for her? Same for Luna... I was tempted to switch up the royal ships but no, I like Typhon, Eunomia and Libra too much. Unless someone can come up with an alternative idea? Or should I have her single and adopt a foal, or none at all?
- Lots of side character ships, hopefully.

So, what are your guys opinions? And do you have any possible ideas?


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