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PKMN-Armonia App: Cooper by sweetkimothy PKMN-Armonia App: Cooper by sweetkimothy


...Yes I can see all your faces. Yeeeeeeah... as I wrote Cindy, I just found her hard to write and... miserably BORING? Like she had no character arc to go along really. Sooo she's gonna be NPC'd. Now, it's time to meet my official new third character for Armonia, Cooper!


Name: James Cornelius Cooper

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Quilladin

Birthday: 23rd November

Height: 5'6" (167cm)

Weight: 168lbs (76kg)

Nature: Careful

Ability: Bulletproof - Protects the Pokémon from some ball and bomb moves.

Hometown: Ambrette Town, Kalos

Personality: James - though call him Cooper, please - is a rather timid and introverted young fellow, who often prefers to stay in the background of things, though he honestly wishes he could change that.. While it takes him a while to get over his fears for talking to someone, once he gets going, it's often quite hard to get him to stop. He is very passionate about the things he loves and shows huge enthusiasm towards anything he enjoys. It's when he's in front of crowds that's the problem - the bigger the crowd, the more nervous he gets, until he completely withdraws away. He's majorly bothered by his own lack of confidence, and wishes to change it, but he's also fairly optimistic and a bit of a dreamer. He's can be stubborn and stays true to his point of view, but often, his inability to speak up leaves him as a bit of a doormat in this respect. However, overall, he is a perfect little gentleman, always showing his best manners and trying to help others in the best way he can.

History: James was born into a fairly happy family living in Ambrette Town. His father was a Diggersby, a scientist who worked at the local museum, and his mom was a Quilladin, a researcher of feral fish Pokemon who worked in the city's aquarium. They had been friends for most of their lives, developing feelings for each other in their teens before finally admitting it when they had both returned from college.

The result of their happy marriage, James lived an exciting childhood, full of wonder and discovery. His parents taught him everything they knew about science and the big world around the little Chespin, and his dad would sit him down and watch his favourite old show together - Inspector Spacetime, about a time travelling Celebi who took his companions through history and fought against evil Pokemon and aliens who threatened it. The Chespin was wide-eyed and excited, soaking it all in, and made him determined to one day be as cool as the Inspector - even taking on his habit of wearing cool bowties. At school, when they played pretend, James - now preferring to be called Cooper cause it sounded cooler - always played the Inspector, and was seen as fun by the other kids. He worked hard and got excellent grades, and always had fun.

Cooper evolved to a Quilladin when he was around thirteen. In middle school and high school, this wasn't the only thing that changed. While he'd seen those dramas where high school was a vicious place where people constantly gossiped about each other, they had to be exaggerated, right? However, when Cooper introduced himself, the other kids would laugh at him - oh my gosh, what a nerdy dweeb! The popular girls would sneer and laugh at him, if not outright ignore him, and the popular jocks and school bullies would constantly pick on him. He'd barely fight back - he was an easy target. Too scared to tell his parents, he found it harder and harder to find the courage to talk to people or make friends, feeling he'd never belong. Luckily, he found he wasn't the only kid being stuffed into lockers, and quickly made friends with them. They liked the same things he liked, and introduced him to the world of tabletop RPGs and LARPing. However, over time, his once excellent grades began to take a drop, and his parents became concerned.

Eventually, Cooper admitted he was being bullied at school, horrifying his mother, who then attempted to seek out a new place for him to go and study, and hopefully improve his confidence. However, it was his father who found Armonia...

Summary characteristic: Good Perseverance


- Watching Inspector Spacetime, PokeTrek and various other science-fiction and fantasy shows.

- Tabletop RPGs.

- Collecting battling trading cards.

- Playing video games.

- Reading fantasy books..


:icongrasstypeplz: Seed Bomb - The user slams a barrage of hard-shelled seeds down on the target from above.

:icongroundtypeplz: Spikes - The user lays a trap of spikes at the opposing team's feet. The trap hurts Pokémon that switch into battle.

:icongrasstypeplz: Leech Seed - A seed is planted on the target. It steals some HP from the target every turn.

:iconrocktypeplz: Rollout - The user continually rolls into the target over five turns. It becomes stronger each time it hits.

Favorite berry flavor: Sour

House: Fable

School Schedule:

- History
- Battle
- Math (II)
- Writing
- Science
- Health and Sex Ed
- Tech Ed
- Literature
- Horticulture
- Geography

Extras/Fun Facts:

- He loves wearing bow ties and is never seen without one. Bow ties are cool.

- He has severe glossophobia (fear of public speaking).

- He tends to stutter when initially meeting someone, when speaking to a large group of people, or when he's nervous/talking to a girl he likes.

- He's extremely tactical and a very good thinker, able to plan things through.

- His birthday is on the original airdate of Doctor WhoInspector Spacetime.

- He has two older sisters, Gabriella and Marceline, being a Quilladin and Chespin respectively.

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Aha nice to see him finished <3 He's so adorable haha~
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